REMODEL operates at the forefront of scientific research and technological innovation to generate new knowledge, technologies, tools and discoveries that will improve human lives. REMODEL is funded by a diverse range of national and international funding agencies to take concepts through the various technology readiness levels and address unmet clinical needs in the area of soft and hard tissue repair and regeneration. Indicative examples of our core expertise include:

  • Extraction, purification and characterisation of extracellular matrix biopolymers;
  • Development of hierarchical three-dimensional biomimetic implants out of natural and synthetic polymers using bottom-up (e.g. self-assembly, wet extrusion, electro-spinning) and top-down (e.g. tissue grafts, imprinting) nano- and micro- fabrication technologies;
  • Development of functionalisation strategies (e.g. material, chemical and biological in origin) to deliver in a controlled, sustained and localised fashion bioactive or therapeutic molecules;
  • Identification of optimal biophysical (e.g. macromolecular crowding, surface topography, substrate stiffness), biochemical (e.g. oxygen tension, media additives) and biological (e.g. growth factors, genes) in vitro microenvironment modulators to either maintain the phenotype fidelity of permanently differentiated and stem cell populations or to precisely direct stem cell lineage commitment;
  • Development of tissue-engineered advanced therapy medicinal products;
  • Development of in vitro pathophysiology models (e.g. fibrosis, tumour) for drug screening purposes.


Funding Agencies