Innovation, entrepreneurship and social responsibility are fundamental to REMODEL’s mission. To this end, we work closely with industry to ensure that our know-how and discoveries evolve into services and products, which benefit society.

Partnership Opportunities

REMODEL’s strategic collaborations with industry can take one of the following forms:

Contract Work:

To-date, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Multinational Corporations (MNCs) have invested with REMODEL to address their research and development needs; co-develop a new product; assess the properties of medical devices under development in silico, in vitro and in preclinical models and conduct market research.

Collaborative Projects:

Supported by National and International funding schemes, REMODEL collaborates closely with industry partners on specific projects to develop the next generation of medical devices.

Technology Licensing:

REMODEL’s technology licencing is supported by the Ignite – Technology Transfer Office at NUI Galway, ensuring appropriate intellectual property protection, management and licencing.

Placements at Industry:

REMODEL personnel are frequently seconded to industry collaborators to address research and development questions in situ or to work on scalability of processes.

Hosting Industrial Personnel:

Industry personnel are frequently hosted at REMODEL to develop specific research and laboratory skills or to access REMODEL’s state of the art facilities.

Provision of Scientific Advice:

REMODEL personnel engage with industries to advise on appropriate experimental work for specific clinical indications; to design future R&D strategies and to address questions raised during FDA device dossier submission.

Establishing New Entities (Start-Ups):

REMODEL operates at the leading edge of medical device R&D, with an ethos and structure that promotes entrepreneurship and the development of innovative products and services for international markets in healthcare and the institutional infrastructure and support to spin-out developing technologies.

Industry Partners