The life cycle of multicellular organisms is a well-orchestrated sequence of developmental processes, such as information transfer, growth and differentiation. Tissue and organs are highly sophisticated three-dimensional structures that are built in a modular fashion with extraordinary precision. Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine combines principles of engineering, chemistry, biology and medicine to assemble three-dimensional functional structures to treat, augment or replace diseased and / or injured tissues, organs or functions of the body. At Regenerative, Modular & Developmental Engineering Laboratory (REMODEL) we aspire to achieve the highest level of regenerative biomimicry, by recapitulating nature’s elegant and meticulous developmental and modular processes.

Mission Statement

REMODEL aims to contribute to the society and the world through the pursuit of life-long education, learning, knowledge, research and innovation, through the provision of world-class education experience.

Vision Statement

REMODEL aspires to become a global leader in education, science, technology and innovation. We are committed to providing an environment that fosters intellectual, social and personal growth.

Research Statement

REMODEL expands biomedical knowledge to provide insights into how life works and to improve human lives through provision of curiosity and problem driven research. We push the frontiers in engineering, chemistry, biology and medicine to generate new knowledge, technologies, tools and discoveries that will revolutionise healthcare with their reparative capacity.

Education & Training Statement

REMODEL seeks to encompass tomorrow’s leaders with education, knowledge, wisdom, imagination, ethical values and transferable skills to enable them make the world a better place. We achieve this through provision of world-class multidisciplinary and intersectoral value and research based continuous education experience.

Ethics Statement

REMODEL is committed to socially responsible development and use of biomedical tools and discoveries. REMODEL welcomes discussions on the ethical and social implications of our scientific and technological developments. We adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and informed consent procedures. We respect animals involved in research and in their humane treatment. We affirm commitment to integrity and ethical conduct of the highest standard.

Social Responsibility

REMODEL commits to promote and contribute towards better health, economic, environmental and social well-being.

Environmental Statement

REMODEL aspires to reduce the environmental impact of biomedical discoveries, tools and technologies.