REMODEL aspires to equip tomorrow’s leaders with knowledge, wisdom, imagination, ethical values and the necessary transferable skills to enable them to make the world a better place. To this end, we provide our researchers with a world-class interdisciplinary and intersectoral value- and research- based continuous education experience.

At REMODEL, we strongly believe in the value of experiential learning, and learning through discovery and exploration. Experiential learning encompasses teaching and learning, clarifies values, provides focused reflection and imparts good judgement, critical thinking, decision-making and collaborative spirit. The REMODEL pedagogic journey is centred on our researchers fostering acquisition of a complete range of new skills and knowledge.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of biomedicine, REMODEL not only provides training in the fundamentals of engineering, sciences, medicine, but also fosters entrepreneurship at the highest level. By doing so, we ensure that new technologies, tools and discoveries of societal benefit reach the market place. Indeed, we provide our people with the requisite knowledge, stamina and acumen to drive new concepts through successive technology readiness levels successfully for eventual commercialisation and market placement.

REMODEL applies community engagement and service learning as a pedagogical tool to encourage learning, to explore societal issues inside and outside of academic borders and to instil a sense of self-directed social responsibility, civic awareness and citizenship. This teaching and learning strategy integrates meaningful community service, experiential learning and reflection, enriching the learning experience, enhancing civic responsibility and ultimately strengthening communities. Communication (among peers and with the general public), cooperation, leadership, responsibility, integrity, problem analysis, problem solving, critical thinking and cognitive development skills are maximised, whilst real-world problems are solved, achieving  educational, scientific and socioeconomic.

At REMODEL, we seek to develop socially conscious, critical thinkers and problem solvers, who will question everything and will seek their own answers.